Recycled crystal glass symbolizing the circular economy: That’s the idea behind the trophy Torstensson Art & Design has designed. The Circulars will be awarded at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Jonas Torstensson, with his company Torstensson Art & Design, is the man behind the design and production of the beautiful and symbolic trophy awarded to innovative businesses and individuals applying circular economy principles.

The Circulars, an initiative of the Young Global Leaders in collaboration with Accenture, is one of the world’s premier awards for the circular economy, recognising individuals and organisations who have made a noticeable effort in the field. The award will be presented January 19, 2016, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the conference that annually attracts over 2,500 global leaders and decision makers.

I am incredibly proud that Torstensson Art & Design was asked to design the prize, says Jonas. The Circulars stands for the same values ​​that we do: that recovery is profitable, and a circular economy also develops more jobs.

Since 2015 Jonas has designed the glass trophies from his production and office facilities on Lidingö – a scenic island in the inner archipelago of Stockholm.

Torstensson Art & Design was the perfect choice to design and produce the trophy and was chosen because of its world class designs, as well as its circular philosphy and business model.

Sweden has a long tradition of glass making and Jonas has been working with glass for more than 25 years. Glass as material is 100% recyclable; last year it was produced using biogas and this year with renewable electricity (wind and water), meeting the Award’s environmental requirements.

Making the Circular Economy Trophy itself wasn’t a challenge. The real challenge was to make it iconic, says Jonas.

The trophy is designed as several circles, symbolising the circular economy. The outer ring shows the existing economy, and the idea is that people should stay inside it. As you turn the trophy it looks different from various angles, just as looking at your business from different angles allows you to see new ways of doing business or finding new customers. By developing inner circles and business ideas, we are not using up the earth’s resources, and that is what the circular economy is all about.

I chose to make the trophy slightly imperfect to show that when you try something new you won’t be immediately perfect – you must practice in order to reach your goals, says Jonas.

“You seldom see any difference between recycled glass or original”, he adds. “The only thing that can occur is some little glass bubble or light shift. So even if a recycled material may be a small defect, you have to dare to try, just like in business.”

Tortensson Art & Design is a design company that puts sustainability into focus, telling stories in a way that others remember. We combine intelligent integrated solutions with a broad environmental knowledge. This approach runs like a green thread through all our activities.

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Jonas – your creativity and natural understanding of ‘The Circulars’ has created an iconic trophy that resonated deeply with our audience last night – and the high quality of the trophy was a fitting honour for the winners’ achievements
Quentin Drewell
The Circulars Project Manager

Text by Judi Lembke: JudiLembkeInk

Blog by Toril Natvig